Anthony S Casey: International Financial Services Professional

Anthony S Casey is a fund manager and international professional in the financial services world. He holds experience in financial sectors throughout the world, spanning multiple countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. He brings success in his professional pursuits no matter what thanks to his passion, ingenuity, and business acumen.

One of this progressive financial manager’s largest areas of expertise rests in international portfolio management. This has allowed him to build a solid foundation of profitable assets and satisfied clientele.

Past Service

Getting to the level of aptitude and professional success of Anthony S Casey does not come easily. In fact, he did not merely find himself in the position of success that he current boasts. He has worked through a variety of business ventures and industries to build his aptitude to a global leadership position.

Believe it or not, some of Casey’s early work began on a 54-foot yacht. He worked as a hand on the yacht as it made a voyage from Europe to the Caribbean. He continued working and learning throughout a lengthy stay in the Caribbean before finally arriving in Miami, FL. This helped reinforce foundational characteristics in his work ethic – including on-demand service and the ability to work successfully within a team environment.

In Miami,  Casey began to work in the local music industry at this time. He worked multiple events through management and he also helped with various venue management, bands, and other talent.

A chance meeting led to Casey’s return to Europe, in both Germany and Spain. Using his experience in Miami’s music industry, he created a dance and music event business in the early 1990s. The popularity and success of this business led to almost immediate expansion, first back to Miami and also to Cape Town, South Africa.

As the business continued to succeed across the world, Casey recognized that he was ready to expand his own professional service beyond the entertainment world. This drive eventually led him to the financial services world in London. He first joined the stock brokerage firm Capel Cure Myers Capital Management, where he learned the inner workings of the financial world. His work during this time earned him the distinction of Rookie Financial Planner of the Year throughout the entire United Kingdom. He also attained several credentials and licenses, allowing him to become a financial advisor to other clients.

Continued positions throughout London and the United Kingdom continued adding to Casey’s experience, portfolio and professional competence. Finally he was dispatched to Singapore to work with the International Banking Center’s wealth management section. He has continued placing a special emphasis on developing Singapore into a much more globally competitive financial district.

Casey left the International Banking Center to become a senior wealth manager for several high profile clients. This included managing over $100 million in client assets across a variety of options. His focus was simple: help clients recognize where to invest to increase wealth and mitigate risk. His years of sharpened instinct within this industry allow him to bring an incredible amount of experience to every client portfolio he manages.

Current Ambitions

Currently, Anthony S Casey is exploring additional business options across other industries relative to his professional expertise. He’s pursuing investment options in multiple energy options, including shale gas and fracking. Additionally, he is looking into the rising trend in the utilization and affordability of 3-D printing and evaluating its investing and growth potential. He is working on these investment options primarily in Singapore, where several investors are poising to shift the country into a globally competitive location.

On top of all of this, Anthony S Casey also exhibits excellent professional skills across most asset classes of international portfolio management. He has also successfully established both a client bank and a book of profitable assets over the course of his financial career. He sees a lot of investment opportunity in these options and wants to share that opportunity with investors in Singapore who are interested in the technology and natural resources. He also wants to help bring Asian investment opportunities abroad.

Focus on Charity and Service

Like other global business leaders, Anthony S Casey believes that service goes far beyond the office or the conference room. Professional success and service are essential components to his life. But giving back to the community also remains a fundamental priority to his career.

Accordingly, this international professional places a strong emphasis on charity service and community support. One way he achieves this is through participating in multiple races aimed at raising money for a variety of charities. Among the most challenging of these races is the triathlon, which he gets involved as often as he can. He frequently raced several East Coast Park Corporate Triathlons held in Singapore. He believes that hard work, physical fitness, and health are all important holistic components to wellness. By involving himself in charity race events, he can train his body and keep fit while also contributing to worthwhile charity organizations and giving back to the community.

Another charity Casey believes in and actively participates in is the Make a Wish Foundation. Make a Wish enables children suffering from diseases and terminal illnesses to have their wishes and dreams fulfilled. Thanks to the donations of charitable contributors, the foundation is able to fund dreams like going to a huge amusement park, taking a cruise or meeting their favorite super heroes.

In Casey’s Singapore charity support, he contributed directly to help fund a wish for a sick child. The child wished for a superhero birthday party. This great day gave a child suffering from an illness a break from the stresses and pain of thinking about his suffering. It also enabled families and friends to have a truly enjoyable day aimed at making this young person happy. These types of charities are important to Casey. That’s why he places such a strong emphasis on incorporating these initiatives into his life beyond his professional service.

Looking to the Future

For forward-thinking business leaders like Anthony S Casey, the future continues to remain a bright and prosperous road ahead. He plans to continue offering sound financial advisement for international clients across the world. He also will continue to look into emerging markets and technology as other opportunities for investment potential.

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