The Wide World: Traveling off the Beaten Path

When thinking about world travel, there are ubiquitous images that spring to mind: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, the Grand Canyon in Arizona. These are the icons of world travel; the vignettes in the montage. However, the world is wide and there are so many different places to visit. Let’s discuss some of the best locations to visit that are more off the beaten path.


Latvia, one of the three Baltic states of Europe, has nearly 350 miles of coastline. With temperate seasons and beautiful natural features, Latvia is an attractive destination for someone looking to enjoy the outdoors. One feature in particular is the beautiful Kemeri National Park, located to the west of the city of Jürmala. The park is home to the nation’s protected mineral springs, which have been revered for centuries for their natural healing and therapeutic effects. Also, the national park is widely regarded as one of the best bird watching locations in the world. The park is equipped with observation towers above the bogs and marshes, which are connected by criss-crossing wooden walkways. Latvia also boasts a rich cultural history, enticing to those looking to learn while they travel.


Anthony S Casey


In terms of location, it doesn’t get much better than Slovenia. Part of the former Yugoslavia, Slovenia is located in south central Europe, stretching from the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. The nation, home to some 2 million people, has fantastic cycling, paddling, and hiking. Travelers looking for these sorts of adventures should also visit some of the countries 8,000 cave formations. There are numerous guide programs that can show you are around Slovenia’s subterranean delights. Those who are interested in the cultural offerings should note the historically significant churches that dot the countryside.


Anthony S Casey

In the Atacama Desert in Chile

Turning our attention to South America, Chile is on the list of underrated travel destinations. Located on the continent’s southwestern coats, Chile is 2,880 miles long. That huge amount of longitude means that Chile has a very diverse landscape; from the Atacma desert, to the Andes, to the famous fjords, to Patagonia and Easter Island. Chile has many different options in terms of national beauty. Needless to say, Chile is an excellent destination for those looking for adventure.

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