World’s Best Flea Markets

Flea markets can be a very interesting and entertaining way to spend an afternoon. With their quirky vendors, colorful merchandise, and potential for hidden treasures it can certainly be more fun than spending time at normal shops. Flea markets exists all around the world, each with their own unique offerings and flair. Below are some of the most fascinating flea markets that exist throughout the world. If you find yourself in any of these cities, it would definitely be worth experiencing for yourself.

  1. Marché aux Puces, Paris — With the name of the market translating to “Market of the Fleas” it is no wonder that this is market is worth checking out. Marché aux Puces, which houses around 12 different markets, is located in the northern part of the French capital. You will discover a wide variety of different collectable antiques and quirky trinkets. For the interior designers looking to score unusual items and furniture, this is the market for you as it offers a shipping service for your purchases.

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    Marché aux Puces

  2. Portobello Road, London — This market has been around since the 1800s, becoming famous for its antiques in the 1950s. Portobello Road is extremely popular for both the locals as well as tourists. You will be able to find anything from fruit and vegetables, to posers, clothes, knick-knacks, and even classic records. While the market is open all week, Friday and Saturday are the busiest days.

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    Portobello Road

  3. El Rastro, Madrid – El Rastro de Madrid is the most popular open air flea market in Madrid. It is open every Sunday and public holiday during the year. There is a great variety of products, new and old, located throughout the market. While the main street is dedicated to selling predominantly new clothing, the side streets are where you will find the hidden gems, such as affordable antiques and collectables. According to the German writer Hans Magnus Enzensberger, el Rastro, boarding between Europe and Africa, is comprised of diverse peoples from different countries and of differing ethnicities all searching for curiosities or bargains, sightseeing, sampling the gastronomic delights of Madrid or simply soaking up the atmosphere. A day at the El Rastro flea market is certainly a cultural experience.

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    El Rastro

  4. Bushwick Flea, New York — This new flea market is located in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Open on weekends, visitors will be able to find vintage and retro antiques, handmade crafts, bric-a-brac, and even delicious food. With only around 50 stalls, Bushwick Flea is a small market, making it both cosy and affordable. New vendors are always welcome at the market (with preference for vendors who commit to monthly spaces), if you are looking to experience the market from the other side of the business!

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    Bushwick Flea

  5. Ferikoy Flea Market, Istanbul — On Sundays, antique collectors, artists and history buffs take over the tables to showcase their antique collections. You will be able to find everything from traditional Turkish bath, unique Ottoman era knick-knacks, costume jewelry, to pieces of Judaica. In the middle of the market is an amazing booth with home cooked food as well!

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    Ferikoy Flea Market

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